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Tires for Every Make and Model CAT Machine
Caterpillar is one of the top brands in heavy equipment and construction equipment, and the tires on your CAT machine are just as hard working as the equipment itself. When it comes to reliability you need a set of new construction tread equipment tires or OTR tires that are going to be tough working for you and your job site. When it comes to versatility, you need a set of tires that can withstand many different kinds of terrain, even slippery or soft surfaces where it is hard to get traction. Your equipment is only as good as the tires that are holding it up, and you can count on our tires for your Caterpillar equipment to do their job so you can focus on doing yours.

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  • 315-7844 TIRE

    Flexport™ Solid Rubber Tire

    Provides traction and cushioning between the machine and ground, enabling puncture free operation.

    The directional construction tread pattern design is the right choice for maximum performance in your toughest environments.

    Recommended Application:
    It is designed for smaller machine applications where better traction is required.


    • Notes: Models 906/07 Dimensions – 38x7x13.5

    • Component: Tire


    We currently do not have compatibility information for this part.

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  • 344 Wheel Loader Tires

    CHOOSE TIRE PACKAGE: Duramax E2/L2/G2 12PLY, Duramax E2/L2/G2 16PLY, Duramax E3-L3 12PLY, Duramax E3-L3 16PLY, Constellation Bias E3/L3 16 PLY, Triangle E3-Radial, Dawg Pound Rock Dawg E3-Radial, Alliance Super Grip E3/L3 16 PLY, Galaxy MPC G2 16 PLY, Galaxy Giraffee XLW Bias L2 16 PLY, MAXAM MS300 Radial, MS912 BIAS OTR E2/L2/G2 12 PLY, MS912 BIAS OTR E2/L2/G2 16 PLY, MS913 BIAS OTR E3/L3 16 PLY, MS913 BIAS OTR E3/L3 20 PLY, MS202 RADIAL G2/L2 SNOWXTRA, MS300 RADIAL E3/L3, MS301 RADIAL E3/L3, MS501 RADIAL L5 MINEXTRA, MS502 RADIAL L5 MINEXTRA, MS503 RADIAL L5T, MS708 SOLID SMOOTH APERTURE, MS708 SOLID TRACTION APERTURE
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  • BOMAG BW124DH-3

    Give us a call or shoot us an email today for a personalized quote on a replacement set of tires for your Bomag BWDH-3 OR PDH-3 to keep your projects on track!

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  • Farm Dawg Agricultural Tires

    Farm Dawg Tires – Dawg Pound Tires Farm Dawg R-1 tires made in the USA. The new Farm Dawg USA R-1 tractor tires expand on the already extensive line-up of Dawg Pound Tires’ bias agriculture products, including I-1, R-1 and R-3 tires. Made exclusively for EBT Dawg Pound Tires by a major US farm tire …

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  • GOODYEAR SUPER TERA GRIP HF-2 (DW30) 8-PLY TL Tires (42X25.00-20)

    GOODYEAR SUPER TERA GRIP HF-2 (DW30) 8-PLY TL Tires (42X25.00-20)

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  • Hilo HLG03 27.00R49 Tire

    Hilo HLG03 27.00R49 Tire

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  • Turf Dawg Agricultural Tires

    CHOOSE TIRES: Turf Dawg USA 9.5-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg USA 11.2-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 9.5-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 11.2-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 14.9-24 (8 PLY), Turf Dawg 16.9-24 (8 PLY), Turf Dawg 18.4-26 (12 PLY), Turf Dawg 23.1-26 (12 PLY)
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