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BOMAG BW124DH-3 Padfoot Compactor Tires, BW124PDH-3, Tire Size: 14.9-24

Rear tires for BOMAG BW124DH-3, BW124PDH-3 Padfoot Compactors

Designed for smaller jobsites such as residential construction projects, the BOMAG BW124DH-3 and PDH-3 Smooth and Padfoot Compactors are light and highly maneuverable in tight spaces. These 3,350 kg machines can travel at speeds up to 9 km/h and utilize variable frequency and amplitude settings to break up and compact gravel, sand and mixed soil materials to perfect uniform consistency in remarkably few passes for a small size compactor.

A machine this quick and agile is used frequently to target specific areas that may have been missed by a larger Padfoot compactor, and consistent use will lead to wear and tear on its rear rubber tires. An operator’s greatest mistake is neglecting to properly care for a machine. Be sure not to overlook excessive tread wear or damaged lugs, as this can lead to machine downtime and loss of productivity.


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