Turf Dawg Agricultural Tires

CHOOSE TIRES: Turf Dawg USA 9.5-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg USA 11.2-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 9.5-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 11.2-24 (6 PLY), Turf Dawg 14.9-24 (8 PLY), Turf Dawg 16.9-24 (8 PLY), Turf Dawg 18.4-26 (12 PLY), Turf Dawg 23.1-26 (12 PLY)

Turf Dawg Agricultural Tires (R3)

The new Turf Dawg USA adds more depth and variety to our Dawg Pound Tires line. Proudly made in the U.S.A. with the same standards for quality and performance, this tire is currently available in two sizes. Ideal for applications where a standard tractor tire provides too much traction and minimal turf damange is required. Excellent for use on golf courses, mower applications in a cemetery or where a smoother ride on hard surfaces is desired.


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