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Farm Dawg Tires – Dawg Pound Tires

Farm Dawg R-1 tires made in the USA. The new Farm Dawg USA R-1 tractor tires expand on the already extensive line-up of Dawg Pound Tires’ bias agriculture products, including I-1, R-1 and R-3 tires.

Made exclusively for EBT Dawg Pound Tires by a major US farm tire producer, the Farm Dawg all-purpose tractor tires are ideal for multiple soil conditions and feature deep, heavy lugs for improved traction and stability; a high, multi-angled long bar tread pattern for optimum self-cleanout; and a heavy ply rating for increased carrying capacity.

The Farm Dawg USA is in stock now and available in the following sizes:

  • 6-12
  • 7-14
  • 7-16
  • 8-16
  • 9.5-16

All are tubeless and available in 6 PLY


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