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Yokohama unveils Advan Sport V107

Yokohama has expanded its ultra-high-performance Advan tire line with the addition of the new Advan Sport V107.

By utilizing an ultra-microsilica compound, the Advan Sport V107 benefits from excellent grip levels in both wet and dry conditions. Responsive handling attributes are provided by the Rayon matrix body ply, which efficiently transfers power to the road surface for much-improved steering feel and response. The tire’s tread pattern consists of solid center ribs that deliver enhanced turn-in.


At high speeds, the Advan Sport V107’s contour profile provides vehicle stability while the rayon and polyamide cap plies ensure an improved cross-sectional shape. This results in even pressure across the tire being transmitted to the driving surface for better steering and cornering performance.

The tire also features Yokohama’s silent sipe technology, with specially designed sipes along the inner ribs of the tire to reduce external vehicle noise.

The tire will be released in 54 sizes ranging from 18in to 22in, with sizes up to 23in to be added in the first few months of 2023.

“With a new compound and construction, nothing is compromised with the Advan Sport V107,” said Drew Dayton, senior product planning manager, consumer tires at Yokohama. “It provides excellent wet/dry performance, superior grip, precise handling, driver stability at high speeds and, of course, a quiet and comfortable ride – everything and more drivers expect from Yokohama’s premium ultra-high-performance Advan line.”

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