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Nordexx unveils latest industrial tires

Denmark-based NDI Group will deliver a new series of Nordexx tires aimed at industrial applications, having previously focused on products for passenger vehicles, vans and trucks.

The Nordexx industrial tires are ready for delivery and have been designed for fitment to loaders, earthmovers, graders and mobile cranes. Customers who order the tires are expected to benefit from the same fast delivery times and quality of service associated with the NDI Group.


“It is the first time in the history of Nordexx that we can offer a tire for the machinery business,” said Carsten Andersen, export manager at Nordexx and the export department, NDI Group. “When we developed the tire, we focused on creating an affordable tire of good quality for the most common uses of industrial machinery, including winter versions for the cold, Nordic climates.”

Andersen added, “We look forward to launching an entirely new line of tires from our tire brand and offering our export customers economically reasonable tire solutions. We can deliver whether it is just two tires or tires for a whole fleet of machines.”

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