The Dunlop Econodrive has been engineered to reduce the cost of ownership through extended tread life and via improved rolling resistance which can lead to enhanced fuel economy. Designed to meet the needs of fleet and commercial customers alike, the Dunlop Econodrive also features stiffer sidewalls to resist curb-side damage as well as a tread pattern designed for enhanced wet performance.


  • Extended tread life due to improved rolling resistance.
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Stiff side walls reduces curb side damage
  • Specially designed tread for improved wet performance.


Performance Category: Light Truck

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter
185R14 102/100R 102/100 R 647
195R14 106/104S 106/104 S 666
195R15 106/104S 106/104 S 694
195/70R15 104S 104 S 654
205/70R15 106R 106 R 668
205/65R15 102T 102 T 648
215/70R15 109S 109 S 682
225/70R15 112R 112 R 696
185/75R16 104R 104 R 684
195/65R16 104T 104 T 660
195/75R16 107R 107 R 699
205/65R16 103T 103 T 673
215/75R16 113R 113 R 729
215/60R16 103T 103 T 664
215/65R16 109/107T 109/107 T 686
225/65R16 112R 112 R 699
235/65R16 115/113R 115/113 R 712
215/60R17 109/107T 109/107 T 690
225/55R17 109/107H 109/107 H 679


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