Continental CONTI HYBRID HT3 245 70 R19.5 141 140K

Order number: 5321660000
Producer: Continental freight
Category: Tires
Availability: for inquiry (send inquiry)
Dimension: 245 x 19.5
Width: 245 inches/mm
Profile: 70
Diameter: 19.5 inches
Type: Truck/VAN
Wheel weight: 34.263 kg
Volume: 0.285525 m3
Execution: TL
Arrangement: radial
Pattern: Conti Hybrid HT3

Continental CONTI HYBRID HT3 245 70 R19.5 141 140K

Conti Hybrid HT3


Since its founding in 1871, Continental has been working towards one goal: Ensuring road safety without compromise, with comfort and pleasure. From the world’s first tire with a tread pattern to the visionary Conti.eContact and innovations in automotive safety – for more than 140 years, we have been constantly developing our expertise in mobility, transport and processes. While you are reading this article, more than 200,000 highly qualified employees in 53 countries are working towards these goals. Before putting each innovation into production, we test it intensively. Establishing completely new test methods guarantees everyday usability. Continental develops and uses more and more advanced testing and measurement technologies to deliver advanced and optimized products. We test for your safety – everywhere in the world. Year-round and continuously we demonstrate, that there are no limits to our testing at polygons in the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and last but not least also at the home track Contidrom near Hannover – which, by the way, is a frequently sought-after reference track for independent experts. Every type of our summer and winter tire, worldwide, is thus tested in all weather conditions and on all surfaces. It must be mentioned that we use the most modern methods and procedures during this testing. 140,000 tires run in our tests every year min. 200 million kilometers. An international team of professional experts performs over 67,000 tests – and travels around the world more than 500 times – before an innovation is approved. This is how Continental ensures that it delivers only the safest, most comfortable and most reliable mobility solutions. Manufacturer of tires of all categories: personal and utility summer, winter, yearlong. Truck, agricultural, industrial, motorcycle, MPT and EM excavators.



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