Just like the model for cars, the AZENIS FK510 SUV is equipped with “Adaptive Constant Pressure” technology, and has a tyre tread that maximises consistent pressure distribution across the contact patch. The ACP tread (Adaptive Constant Pressure) increases braking performance, directional stability and overall driving dynamics. In addition to its excellent braking properties on wet surfaces, the AZENIS FK510 SUV is also characterised by long service life. Thanks to 4D Nano Design Technology, FALKEN engineers were able to develop an innovative rubber compound for the FK510, which provides improved wear life in addition to enhanced grip. The AZENIS FK510 SUV provides everything for the modern SUV driver with a high standard of driving dynamics, very short braking distances and very good aquaplaning characteristics.


  • ADAPTIVE CONSTANT PRESSURE (ACP) PATTERN DESIGN – Designed and tested to meet the demands of Australian roads, the silica-based compound provides superior traction and grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • HYBRID UNDERTREAD CAP PLY – Offers added rigidity and high-speed stability through the use of both aramid and nylon materials.
  • SWITCHBACK SIPING – Helps optimise contact surface while cornering in wet conditions, penetrating the water surface and enhancing cornering performance.
  • VARIABLE SIPE DEPTH – Is featured across the surface of the tread to allow for controlled flexibility while maintaining overall block rigidity.
  • 4D NANO TECHNOLOGY – Features new compound advancements through biomass materials to help improve tread flexibility and adhesion while simultaneously reducing polymer heat generation.


Performance Category: High Performance SUV

Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter
235/55R17 103W 103 W 690
215/50R18 92W 92 W 672
225/50R18 99W 99 W 682
235/55R18 104Y 104 Y 716
255/55R18 109W 109 W 738
255/55R19 111W 111 W 763
265/45R20 108Y 108 Y 747
275/40R20 106Y 106 Y 728
275/45R20 110W 110 W 756
315/35R20 110Y 110 Y 729
265/40R21 105Y 105 Y 745
295/35R21 107Y 107 Y 740


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